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Birthday Bliss Confetti Duo - Set of 50 Pieces for a Personalized Celebration!

Birthday Bliss Confetti Duo - Set of 50 Pieces for a Personalized Celebration!

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Dive into the birthday bliss with our Birthday Bliss Confetti Duo! This set includes 50 pieces of confetti featuring two delightful designs: the guest of honor's face with an added party hat and a customizable confetti piece with their text of choice. Personalize your celebration with this charming duo!

Key Features:

📸 Guest of Honor's Face with Party Hat: Each confetti piece is a party in itself, featuring the guest of honor's smiling face adorned with a festive party hat for an extra touch of celebration.

🎈 Customizable Text Design: Add a personal touch to the festivities with a confetti design featuring your text of choice. Whether it's a name, special message, or inside joke, make it uniquely yours!

💯 Set of 50 Pieces: Effortlessly scatter this custom confetti duo throughout the birthday venue, creating a stunning and personalized effect with 50 pieces in each set.

Personalized Text and Photo: Customize the confetti with the guest of honor's face and any specific text you'd like to add for a truly personal touch.

📏 1-1.5 Inch Size: Versatile for tabletop decorations, invitations, or sprinkling throughout the venue. Each piece measures 1-1.5 inches for a delightful presence.

🎀 Single-Sided Printing: The confetti is printed on one side, showcasing the guest of honor's face, party hat, customizable text, and personalized elements in vibrant detail.

Make the birthday bash uniquely yours with our Birthday Bliss Confetti Duo Set. 🌟 It's a small detail that makes a big impact and adds a personalized touch to your party decor.

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