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Custom Celebration Confetti Trio - Set of 50 Pieces for a Personalized Birthday Bash!

Custom Celebration Confetti Trio - Set of 50 Pieces for a Personalized Birthday Bash!

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Elevate your birthday celebration with our Custom Celebration Confetti Trio! This set includes 50 pieces of confetti featuring three delightful designs: the guest of honor's face, their desired number, and a vibrant pink/purple rainbow. Create a personalized and festive atmosphere with this charming trio!

Key Features:

📸 Personalized Guest of Honor: Each confetti piece showcases the guest of honor's smiling face, adding a personal touch to every celebration.

🎈 Desired Number Design: Highlight the guest of honor's age with a custom-designed confetti piece featuring their desired number. It's a fun and stylish way to celebrate the milestone!

🌈 Pink/Purple Rainbow: Add a pop of color with a confetti design featuring a whimsical pink/purple rainbow. It's perfect for creating a vibrant and joyful atmosphere.

💯 Set of 50 Pieces: Effortlessly sprinkle this custom confetti trio throughout your birthday venue, creating a stunning and personalized effect with 50 pieces in each set.

Personalized Text and Photo: Notate the desired number at checkout and upload the photo you'd like us to use for the guest of honor's face. It's the perfect way to add a personal touch to your celebration.

📏 1-1.5 Inch Size: Versatile for tabletop decorations, invitations, or sprinkling throughout the venue. Each piece measures 1-1.5 inches for a delightful presence.

🎀 Single-Sided Printing: The confetti is printed on one side, showcasing the guest of honor's face, desired number, pink/purple rainbow, and personalized elements in vibrant detail.

Make your birthday event unforgettable with our Custom Celebration Confetti Trio Set. 🌟 It's a small detail that makes a big impact and adds a personalized touch to your party decor.

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