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Celebrate Pawsitive News with Personalized Pet Stickers

Celebrate Pawsitive News with Personalized Pet Stickers

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Make your furry friend a part of the excitement with our custom-designed pet stickers featuring your adorable dog and the heartwarming message "Mom is Getting Married." Share the joyous news in a unique and memorable way that includes your beloved pet in the celebrations.

Product Highlights:

Pet-Infused Happiness: Showcase your furry companion's charm and enthusiasm as they announce the upcoming marriage with their adorable presence.

Tail-Wagging Announcement: Let your pet's charm do the talking with the message "Mom is Getting Married." It's a pawfect way to add a touch of delight and humor to the celebration.

Endearing Keepsake: These personalized stickers become cherished mementos that capture the happiness of your pet and the special moment.

Versatile and Creative: Apply these stickers to wedding invitations, thank-you cards, gift bags, and more. Let your pet's unique personality shine on every detail of the celebration.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality vinyl, our stickers are not only visually appealing but also waterproof, ensuring they remain pristine and captivating.

Easy Customization: Simply upload a photo of your dog, provide any desired text changes, and our expert designers will blend the image seamlessly into the design.

Product Details:

  • Stickers are available in 4 options:
    * Sheet of 9 - 3 inch stickers
    * Sheet of Mixed Sizes Includes the following:
    3 - 3 inch stickers, 6 - 2 inch stickers, 10 - 1.5 inch stickers.
    * Sheet of 20 - 1.5 inch stickers
    * 9 Die Cut Stickers - 3 inches each
  • Size refers to the longest/widest point - whichever is bigger.
  • Our Die Cut option is ideal if you want to hand the stickers out to friends or put them into favor bags.
  • Material: Premium vinyl for durability and lasting appeal.
  • If you'd like to customize the text, feel free to let us know what message you'd prefer.

Celebrate love, laughter, and your furry friend's involvement with our Personalized Pet Stickers – "Mom is Getting Married" Edition. Order now and make your pet a star of the wedding festivities!

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