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What is a Can Cooler?

Can coolers seem to be everywhere, but what on earth are they? If you’ve ever heard someone talking about our coolers and wondered what they were talking about, this post is for you! Keep reading while we cover what a can cooler is and the benefits of using one. 

If you’ve ever been sipping a drink from an aluminum can in the summer, you probably know how quickly it can go from ice cold and refreshing to warm and unappetizing. So what’s the solution?

Can coolers! This fun summertime accessory is made to keep your drinks cold - and here at Carolina Can Coolers, we strive to make them fun, too. 

What is a Can Cooler?

Simply, it’s a foam or neoprene, water-safe sleeve that you place a can into to keep the drink inside cold. 

Your can fits tightly into the can cooler, allowing for an easier grip and retention of cold in your drink. 

Can coolers come in many names, including coozie, coastie, cozy, or stubby holder. 

They come in firm, round versions, collapsible styles (like what we offer at CCC!) regular, skinny, bottle styles, and more.

How do coolers work?

Without going too much into the science, (you can learn more about it here!) metal is a great conductor of heat. When you’re in a warm climate or when your warm hand is holding your cold beverage, your hand or the hot air conducts heat through the metal, warming up your drink quickly. 

By adding a neoprene sleeve to your drink, it adds a barrier to help retain the cold and repel the heat. This keeps your drink colder longer. 

Bonus, the sleeve acts as a barrier from condensation. If you’ve ever dropped a slippery can in the summer, you know how much of a help that aspect is!

a collage of carolina can coolers of multiple colors

Okay, I’m sold - where can I get one?

Here at Caroline Can Coolers we offer custom personalized options for events or personal use. Whether you’re looking for a silly cover to keep your drink cold on the lake or a fun way to commemorate a birthday, you’ll find them here!

Check out our full line of products, which includes tall and regular-sized can coolers. If you have any questions at all, please reach out - we love to help!

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