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Can Cooler Materials - Which is Best?

When you’re looking to purchase can coolers for your event, you might get overwhelmed by the material options out there. Today we’re sharing what are the popular can cooler materials and which is best, 

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Can coolers are a great way to keep drinks nice and chilled all day long. They also make great gifts or party favors! If you’re investing in your own set of coolers, chances are you’ve seen the numerous options for materials.

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What is a Can Cooler?

In essence, it’s a water-safe sleeve that you place around a can to increase the time that the can is cool. 

The can cooler fits tightly around your drink, allowing for an easier grip and retention of cold in the liquid.

There are firm, round versions, collapsible styles (like what we offer at CCC!) regular, skinny, bottle styles, and more.

Why does it matter what they’re made from?

Like all things, different materials yield different results. Some materials can increase grip, others increase the insulation of your drink. Some are collapsible and some are firm. 

What are can coolers made of?

Can coolers can be made in tons of different materials. 

The most popular are foam or neoprene styles. 

Other materials include:

  • Plastic
  • PVC
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rubber

Some people can even be seen using pool noodles as can coolers!

Which material is best for Can Coolers?

So we hit the real question: what material is best for keeping drinks cold?

The obvious answer is a high-quality neoprene-like we use at Carolina Can Coolers. 

Neoprene is a water-resistant, insulating material that is most commonly found in wet suits. The amazing insulating properties mean it keeps your drinks nice and cold in a hot environment.

The reason it’s a better option than a standard polyurethane foam insert is not just because of the improved insulating abilities. Neoprene sleeves are flexible, collapsible, and more durable than their foam counterparts. 

Here at Carolina Can Coolers, we use the highest quality neoprene, meaning your coolers are made to last. 

Okay, Where do I get mine?!

Here at Carolina Can Coolers we supply our customers with custom personalized options for events or personal use. If you’re looking for a silly cover to keep your drink cold on the lake or a fun way to commemorate a birthday, you’ll find them here!

Check out our full line of products, which includes tall and regular-sized can coolers. If you have any questions at all, please reach out - we love to help!

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